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  • cfp added a new comment in Carl Fine interview
    3 hours 28 minutes ago

    When you take into account when Carl left Duffy's, and then went to Chevron to get a chicken-on-a-stick, I believe it was most likely Carl who picked up Andy to take him home.

  • cfp added a new comment in Cheryl Kline interview
    3 hours 43 minutes ago

    One of the Duffy's staff members said that Cindy had left at around 12.15am. So it would have been Cindy who came home by herself.

  • cfp added a new comment in Oxford Chalet canvass
    4 hours 36 minutes ago

    Is it possible that the loud noise which he had initially thought was the dog rummaging through the garbage can, or could it have been a gun shot. Cindy had shot Andy and Carl was waiting near by, to help her to dispose of his body. And another p

  • cfp added a new comment in Oxford Chalet canvass
    5 hours 22 minutes ago

    I've been keeping 2 pages open so I can open up another page to read somebody else's statement. And after comparing the statements of Officer Wilkins and Raoul Jimenez and that of Carl Fine. I'm under the impression that it was Carl who did pick up

  • cfp added a new comment in Duffy's patron canvass
    11 hours 21 minutes ago

    It appears the time Coyle said he saw Carl leave matches what Carl had said in his interview.

  • rosemommi79 added a new comment in Oxford Chalet canvass
    13 hours 22 minutes ago

    Well now we need to find that SUV and figure out who the driver was because he or she may have been the last ones to have seen Andy Fine alive....

  • lgillette added a new comment in Duffy's patron canvass
    13 hours 50 minutes ago

    No mention of Cindy's black eye...hmmm

  • lgillette added a new comment in Duffy's employee canvass
    14 hours 4 minutes ago

    No one mentions a black eye....

  • TheDetective updated the Case Chronicle Did the people across the street see that dark SUV outside the Fines' place? in Case Chronicle
    14 hours 47 minutes ago

    Investigators canvass Duffy's patrons and employees Examine the relevant case files

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