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TOPIC: Betty vs.Veronica: Sible Rivalry as Cause of Death

Betty vs.Veronica: Sible Rivalry as Cause of Death 1 year 11 months ago #1168

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Orion’s “spitballed” theory, submitted in the space restricted comment section of Elizabeth's bio, is well worth thinking about on closer inspection. (What a shame about the unnecessary, distracting and at times incoherent drivel, which accompanies the ball game, especially getting personal and cocky after trying to make it clear again and again to others, that these are just harmless opinions we are trading. :huh: But I digress...)

According to George O’Connor in his first interview, Elizabeth is “fine around me and Haley, but she always seems on edge around Ronnie.” Though he doesn’t think Elizabeth could have hurt her, he does express the close contact they both had , because they talked “on the phone a lot.” as girls are known to do. Furthermore she had some contact to 10 year old Haley from time to time.

I think we can safely assume Elizabeth had an intimate knowledge of Veronica’s current life, including feelings, plans, problems, hopes, etc. How well informed Elizabeth was becomes clear in her own interview.

That the sible rivalry was not over, is expressed in Haley’s interview. “Most of the time they were like friends, but sometimes they argued [about] silly stuff. I would always hear Momma tell her to stop being so childish all the time. Aunt Liz said Momma was too competitive, and it wasn’t always about winning. I never understood what they were upset about.”

Margaret Brittingham, who considered Veronica to be her best an closest friend, who often confided in each other, also makes clear that the relationship between Elizabeth and Veronica was strained. Veronica seems to have had the impression that Elizabeth was jealous of her and that she thought “her sister would love to steal George from her if she got the chance.” Though Veronica was certain George would never leave her, she was upset that her sister would feel that way about it.

The most interesting interview to date is that of Elizabeth. For someone who apparently had such a close relationship to Veronica and who expresses that they matured and got along OK, did all right and that they were family, after not being so close as some siblings, she sure shows no signs of grief at the death of her sister.

Is it just coincidence that the typed suicide note actually reflects Elizabeth’s assessment of the relationship between George and Veronica? “ I don’t think she appreciated him as much as he deserved. He would do anything for her, and she took it for granted, in my opinion.” Looking at the note, it becomes quite clear that this note was not typed/written by a loving spouse. And, as Orion rightly states, to date it is only Elizabeth, who has conceded that Veronica was capable of committing suicide for killing a patient, the very reeason given for the suicide.

On a side note, the other partner’s may have had their differences and surely were somewhat distraught because of the lawsuit, but adamant that they would win the case. I think we can safely assume that Veronica was troubled by the death of the patient, but that she herself was not to blame for it and that this case would go out well.

Elizabeth herself still harbours a deep resentment, which can be seen as Det. Armstrong mentions “Betty and Veronica”, from the comic book series “Archie’s Girls Betty and Veronica”. No, unlike other sible rivalry, which usually decreases with age, Elizabeth is still deeply hurt and affected by it. She sees how lucky Veronica is with her husband, where as years before she just dated losers. She knows how happy Veronica is with her daughter, whereas Elizabeth’s first child was an accident, which didn’t deter her from her plans of becóming a veterinarian in any way.

Most veterinarians have a deep seated love for animals of all kinds to begin with, before starting their career. Her only reason was the death of her trusty “Yeller”. Yes, Azna is right to point out that she has come a long way and was doing well for herself, but that if she believes she is a failure compared to Veronica, she is mental. That is exactly what such a deep seated jealousy would result in.
We are dealing with a very determined woman here, who, once she makes up her mind, goes through with her plans, come what may, according to the bio.

Why does she not marry Heath Barrows if the relationship is so serious? Is it possible that she does no want to follow in her younger sisters footsteps yet again? is she hoping for someone else, like George perhaps?

So, what are we to make of Elizabeth:

1. Elizabeth has deep seated emotional issues since her childhood.
2. She knows the victim intimately
3. She would have access to the house with arousing any suspicion in the victim
4. She is informed about the whereabouts of husband and child.
5. She has medical knowledge, which may prove useful towards immobilizing a person.
6. She likes the husband and the child very much.
7. She shows no sign of grief or regret.


We do need to take into consideration that she needs about one hour to get to her sisters via car (62.6 miles). We must ascertain how this would fit in with her alibi of leaving home, shopping and checking up on the poodle, which took just under 2 hours before returning home, according to her.

According to Dr. Brittingham Veronica was out from around 7 p.m. until around 9 p.m. when she left for home in a good mood. This just leaves a time frame of around an hour for the murder to take place, if we regard the coroner’s rough estimate of time of death as correct. Taking into consideration that it is unlikely Elizabeth actually knew when Veronica would return home and if her alibi is anything to go by, then Elizabeth cannot have murdered her sister (at least not personally), in my opinion.
Prove all things; hold fast that which is good. (1 Thess 5:21)
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