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TOPIC: Courtney Morris Homicide Report

Courtney Morris Homicide Report 1 year 7 months ago #1672

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Thanks, Scarlett!

Nice shoes, btw.
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Courtney Morris Homicide Report 1 year 7 months ago #1674

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You're very welcome.

Glad you like my shoes. LOL You can borrow them any time. :ohmy:
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Courtney Morris Homicide Report 1 year 7 months ago #1676

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Nice work Det. Montresor! I almost went there. That was a tough decision for me between Justin and Mee Yon. She just didn't set well with me. To be that posessive of Courtney and to not check on her all day when she herself said Courtney usually texted her back within an hour and she didn't answer that many texts? That's what kept throwing me off and then research showed that while it's not always fatal, it is common for the hyoid bone to be broken in kick boxing and other sports, made me doubt myself. But she was my number two at all times. Looking forward to working on the next case with you.
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Courtney Morris Homicide Report 1 year 7 months ago #1684

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Oh shoot! the case was already solved? lol

The heart shaped locket inscribed with "Your mine" seems a bit sophomore'ish for Mr. Talbot in my opinion. The inscription itself "Your mine" is kind of possessive sounding. This small detail forces me to think the Mr. Landry may have given the locket to Ms. Morris.
It seems that the detectives involved should be spending more time on the physical evidence like… Where was the locket purchased and who purchased it?

Based on internet search, it would take at least 20 seconds to make this type of knot; if this crime was committed in the "heat of passion" then I am sure there would be some DNA evidence on the murder weapon... the rope.

Ms. Kim's fingerprints were on the locket because I think Ms. Morris previously showed the locket to Ms Kim. Most of the chicks I know would have shared this information with one of her homegirls.

Ms. Morris appeared to be planning for motherhood; she had a sugar daddy to help support her in the ways that her boyfriend could not provide.
Ms. Morris understood and accepted her role in Mr. Talbot's life, and probably had to explain Mr. Landry's role in her life during her time of death.

Regarding Ms. Kim's fingerprints being on the card from the flowers, Ms. Kim may have lied to detectives about her activities on Sunday. Then I started thinking... why would she lie about anything? Was she having an affair with her best friend's boyfriend? That is the most plausible explanation I can think of. Perhaps Ms. Kim was leaking information to Mr. Landry about Mr. Talbot? Jealousy/envy is the oldest motive in the book. I know it would have been extremely difficult for Ms. Kim not to look closer at the locket if she and Mr. Landry were having an affair.

The only thing that I can think of as to why Ms. Kim didn't react sooner is that she already knew her friend was dead, and perhaps Mr. Talbot told her to keep her mouth closed. I would turn up the heat on Ms. Kim.

The slow and methodical process of tying the noose that hung Ms. Morris took control and was deliberate, it was not rage.

Perhaps Mr. Landry didn't want to be a father? Perhaps the humility of someone else raising his child added to the fire?

During the interrogation Mr. Landry was very upset to hear about Ms. Morris being pregnant and claims he knew nothing about it. This would mean that Ms. Morris never had the chance to tell him about being pregnant and Mr. Landry never saw the baby clothes from baby’s rus.

It is chilling how Ms. Kim and Mr. Landry both used the same excuse to explain their actions or lack thereof... "Ms. Morris never answered her phone when I tried calling her"

I wonder if Ms. Kim and Mr. Landry tried to implicate Mr. Talbot in a roundabout way? Did the cell towers verify where the calls/texts originated from?
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Courtney Morris Homicide Report 1 year 7 months ago #1686

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The locket may have been something Ms. Morris already owned. The locket was found on the coffee table. There is no mention of a gift box lying around in the incident report. The locket might have been worn by Ms. Morris and removed prior to being hanged. She may have removed it before having relations with Mr. Talbot and had not put it back on when Mr. Landry arrived. As far as Ms. Kim's fingerprints being on it; Ms. Kim's fingerprints were all over almost every bit of evidence at the scene. She was there awhile waiting for police response, and likely touched things. She was not asked about the locket.
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