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Employee at Local Nursing Home Found Dead

Employee at Local Nursing Home Found DeadThe Oxford Eagle reports on the unexplained death of an employee at the Yoknapatawpha Acres Nursing Home.


Nursing home manager charged

Nursing home manager charged with neglectRichard Landrigan was arrested on multiple charges at Yoknapatawpha Acres.


Which is worse?

Which is worse: the Shaw murder or the Yoknapatawpha Acres scandal?

The Crime Beat column weighs in on Jerry Shaw's murder and the Yoknapatawpha Acres scandal.


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Goodness knows where Albert had been for the first 73 years of his life, but reading his interview he still has his marbles. He sounds very intelligent and very aware of what is going on ...
Well I think this boys telling a story to fit to what's ask by u for 1 he would prob not have that much money to loan out much less to jerry . I would ck him out a little better / drug dea...
Lights r on No ones home (dementia) not reliable info
Erin overheard Richard asking Jerry when he was going to get paid back. I believe the reason why Richard might have taken money out of the Nursing Home funds to give to Jerry, was because h...

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