Updated fingerprint analysis

Shaw crime scene fingerprint analysis

The lab compared fingerprints collected from the Jerry Shaw crime scene with fingerprint exemplars collected from potential suspects.


Arrest report

Arrest in the Jerry Shaw homicide investigationA suspect has been arrested in the Jerry Shaw homicide investigation.


Arrest in nursing home murder

The local newspaper reports on the arrest of Jerry Shaw's alleged killerThe Oxford Eagle reports on the arrest the YCSD has made in connection with the murder of Jerry Shaw.


Arrestee interview

Interview with suspect arrested in the Shaw murder

The detectives re-interviewed a suspect in the Jerry Shaw homicide investigation and subsequently took that person into custody.


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Well,that must have been one hell of a karate chop to rupture a man's artery and kill him. I guess most people (myself included) missed an offhand comment by Ed about going to karate classes...
I like the sound of this statement:- "Detectives are pursuing several leads and are optimistic that they will arrest the culprit or culprits very soon." I still think that Landrigan is the...
Richard Landrigan should be in prison! He should never be allowed to run a nursing home ever again.
We know that Joseph Wilson is the head cook at the home, so his prints on the trash container could be from throwing the trash in it. There's still a chance that he could've murdered Jerry...
Gee, this Mr Landrigan is a bit touchy. What Detective Armstrong said, was what I would consider polite and respectful when he said:- Thank you for coming in. We realize you are a busy m...

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