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Latent Fingerprint Kit

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The latent fingerprint kit is is a real print kit, fully stocked, with instructions. Includes enough supplies for at least 20 different print lifts. Each kit also includes a 60 page FBI Fingerprinting Manual on CD.

  • 1- Regular latent powder, 2 oz.
  • 1- roll lifting tape 1 1/2 inches x 360 inches 
  • 1- Fiberglass fingerprint brush, extra soft
  • 1- Fingerprint backing cards, white backed (50 sheets)
  • 1- Heavy-duty carry case, black plastic
  • 1- CD containing Fingerprinting Manual (PC/Mac PDF file format)
Are you looking for supplies to fingerprint with ink and fingerprint cards? Visit that area here.

Customize this kit:
You can customize this kit to include powder in the colors: black, bichromatic, and white. We'll also enclose the appropriate colored fingerprint cards. Prints lifted with white powder are stored on black-backed cards and prints lifted with black or bichromatic powder are stored on white-backed cards.

Teachers: Save money with our classroom version of the fingerprint kit. Click Here. We also have a fingerprint chart! Click Here.

by Paul Kouli
Date Added: 07/27/2009
This is a real kit like the one's used by CSI people. I keep one handy for those times when I need a kit fast. Great kit.

by Sam Hulick
Date Added: 01/09/2006
Great product! Be careful with the bichromatic powder. It stains.. even surfaces you think you can just wipe clean (like ceramic bathroom countertops). Have some 409 on hand. Otherwise, be careful with you dust for prints.. don't dust anything valuable, because the powder might stain it pretty badly. Practice on stuff you can just throw away, like plastic water bottles, FedEx envelopes, etc.

by Brandon Hardy
Date Added: 03/12/2005
Soon as I saw this product I thought that it was for kids, but when I bought it and it arrived a day later, which rocks, I realized it wasnt a toy. Its really cool and you guys should try it out.

by Stephen Chubb
Date Added: 01/21/2005
This is the perfect Fingerprint Kit for anyone into Forensics. Its performance is outstanding!! A must have!

by Melinda Perron
Date Added: 01/03/2005
I am a teenage forensics enthusiast who especially LOVES fingerprints! I got this kit for my birthday a year ago and am very happy with it! the only problem i had was the fact that I am not quite smart enough to read directions properly! :-P

by Fantana Richards
Date Added: 12/08/2002
I thought this kit might be a toy, but its real. I saw the same one in a police car (Don't ask why I was in the car!) Anyway, if you want to dust your house for prints, this is the kit for you.

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