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Bios for Persons of Interest
Rita fought back from financial instability to a new phase of her life

Excerpt: "With her savings running out, Rita finally …"

Andrea embraced controversy as the best way to get her message across

Excerpt: "[Andrea] became the primary target of …"

  1.   4 Comment
  Scarlett — daroo, In my post for you, read it without the "f" in the f......
  Tonyk0007 — controversial....
Jerry and Irene doted on their daughter, even when she was difficult

Excerpt: "While [Jerry and Irene] presented a united, supportive face to the world, privately they …"

Gretchen and Andrea had been close since college

Excerpt: "Although Gretchen had been involved in casual relationships since her arrival in Oxford, she had not …"

  1.   3 Comment
  mcgoo — can we get any video from there?...
  Tonyk0007 — Good question. Was it Gretchen that Andrea went to see on th......

Excerpt: "He quickly realized that [the Oxtales] case was his ticket to …"

  1.   1 Comment
  Tonyk0007 — He looks ill....
Ursula has always been passionate, sometimes to her detriment

Excerpt: "Ursula has struggled to control her tendency to …"

  1.   1 Comment
  Tonyk0007 — Hmmmmmm!...
Frank has never followed the traditional path in work or love

Excerpt: "[Frank] was prone to dramatic displays of emotion, from filling a lover's car with rose petals to denouncing his exes while …"

Vincent has long had a questionable reputation in dealing with women

Excerpt: "There were still rumors about the way [Vincent] treated …"

Dale's vision for Oxtales differed from Andrea's

Excerpt: "Dale felt his own creative talents were being wasted."

Henry has always dreamed of a life in the spotlight

Excerpt: "[Henry] thought Oxtales might get enough attention for him to …"

Ben's faith and his principles are uncompromising

Excerpt: "[Ben] realized his calling in life would be to persuade people to embrace …"

Sheila always pursued her dreams, even when she had no support

Excerpt: "Sheila was smitten with Frank, although sometimes she worried …"

  1.   1 Comment
  Tonyk0007 — Is Sheila on your suspicion list?...
During their divorce, Jim's wife accused him of abusing their daughter

Excerpt: "[Jim] was dealt the harshest blow he could imagine: Helen was accusing him of …"

  1.   2 Comment
  Tonyk0007 — Okay....
  Scarlett — If this bio is correct, I feel so sorry for Jim Taylor. I k......
Ethan and Andrea battled creatively but were good friends

Excerpt: "As much as [Ethan] admired [Andrea's] talent and determination, he sometimes resented …"

  1.   1 Comment
  Tonyk0007 — Thought Ethan was a friend....
Norman's family tragedy turned him into an activist

Excerpt: "Norman swore that no other family would have to endure what his family had."

Owen had never followed the traditional path

Excerpt: "… rumors Owen did nothing to dispel, saying, 'Notoriety is good publicity.'"

Benny's promising future seemed to derail after his involvement with Oxtales

Excerpt: "When his parents took an active role in Stover's arrest and prosecution, Benny was …"

Trevor's loyalty to his friends ended up costing him

Excerpt: "[Trevor] always attended [Andrea's] controversial theater productions out of …"

Tate is a local musician who sometimes dabbles in the theatre

Excerpt: "[Tate] met director Andrea Stover, and she asked him to …"

Mark grew up starved for attention and reveled in any that came his way

Excerpt: "[Mark] said he wanted to confront Andrea and get her to …"

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